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From one collector to another...

I am very fortunate to live in Flagstaff, which is less than two hours away from the Hopi Villages. I often travel to Hopi to meet with artists on the Hopi Rez (Reservation) or meet with artists that are visiting Flagstaff. I know many of the artists personally and am able to buy amazing Hopi Kachina (Katsina*) dolls at a great price.

Before moving to Flagstaff, I lived in California and Colorado.  I would often look at various websites that sell katsina dolls. Most of these websites are very well established galleries that sell at “gallery prices.”  Like a lot of collectors, I did not have a gallery budget and it was frustrating to find good quality katsina at prices that were within my range. Kachina Shop is different. We only sell via the internet, which means that I do not have overhead or other gallery types of expenses.  I can retail what I have available for less cost to you.

NEW: I have archived the sold dolls!


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* - "Katsina" versus "Kachina" is discussed in the FAQ

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