Kokopelli (colorful / fancy Kokopelli) by Sony Seckletstewa

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This katsina is carved by Sony Seckletstewa from the Second Mesa.

He is 10 1/2 inches tall and overall 11 1/2 inches.

The colorful Kokopelli is rarely carved. This one includes the humpback and the traditional flute.

KuwanKokopölö is humpback katsina fertility spirit being. There are various types, all representing fertility. The Kokopölökatsina appears during the Angk’wa. They two bring seeds of various plants and crops, which are stored in their “humpbacks”. Kokopölö is a katsina with a humpback. He has several functions and appears during Angk’wa, either with a group of Kokopölö katsinam or singly with the mixed katsina group. He is a fertility spirit, one who is capable of sustaining abundant life group – plant and human.

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