Lizard by Jaylen Takala

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This katsina doll is carved by Jaylen Takala from Bacavi.

This is considered at putsqatihu (flat doll) even though he is painted on both sides.

He is 7 1/2 inches tall to the top of his head and 10 1/2 inches tall over all.

Mongoya is a Lizard katsina who appears singly with the mixed katsina group. Mongoya plays a part to help punish the clowns during the summer katsina day dances. Mongoya may also be seen during the Powamuya. According to Barton Wright, “should a young man meet a lizard (Crotophyrus) he would address it as his friend and ask for a favorable interview with his sweetheart, hoping that the lizard would help him.”

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