Ahola Chief by Sony Seckletstewa

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This katsina doll is carved by Sony Seckletstewa from the Second Mesa.

He is 6 1/2 inches tall to the top of his head. 7 1/2 inches tall overall.

Ahöla is not frequently carved. Some Hopis feel that it is taboo to carve the chiefs.

This doll has some great detail and character to him. Turned up snout, his staff, feather work, etc.

Ahöla is a priest katsina of high order. He is commonly referred to as the Ahölwutaqa, meaning that he is an elderly, wise chief. He is one of the winter solstice katsinam who appear at Powamuya to open the katsina season. Seeds of various plants and crops, which the accompanying katsina maiden brings for each household, are ritually consecrated by the supernatural beings in a kiva. As a messanger, Ahölwutaqa carries to the supernatural beings prayers for a long and healthful life, and peace in the world.



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