Clown by Fannon Mowa

$ 65.00

This katsina doll is carved by Fannon Mowa from Polacca.


He is 6 1/4 inches tall to the top of his head and 8 inches overall.

The vest and gray shorts on this clown are great, especially the cloud symbol on the back of his vest.

Koyaala are Clowns from Hano village of the First Mesa. They are white with black horizontal stripes around their bodies and black markings over their eyes and mouths. The Koyaala katsinam are singers to the Deer and Big-Horned Sheep katsinam. Their actions bring much humor to the spectators. The human counterparts of the Koyaala are caretakers if the katsinam during the summer katsina day dances. They are the rowdy type who poke fun at the people and katsina clowns, and how get punished for their mischievous behavior by the Whipper katsinam.

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