Half Clown by Clifford Torivio

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This katsina dolls is carved by Clifford Torivio from Songoopavi.

He is 10 inches tall to the top of his head and 13 inches tall overall.

Half-clown Katsina.

This is from Neil David's "Kachinas - Spirit Being of the Hopis"

"The twin war gods were watching over and protecting some Katsinas from bad spirits while the Katsinas were collecting feathers. Lightning came and struck the Katsinas. All the Katsinas were broken up into pieces. The Katsinas were all put back together with medicine from the war gods’ grandmother. All except these two Katsinas who were inadvertently put together and became one Katsina.”

On Third Mesa, he is the Tsuku (Clown) Káhayla Katsina. He is also known as Nah Took Vookeh Katsina.

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