Masauu and Masauu Mana by Quinston Taylor

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These katsina dolls are carved by Quinston Taylor from Kykotsmovi.

The Masauu is 9 1/2" tall and a very tall 16" overall. The Masauu Mana is 9 1/2" tall.

These dolls are carved from the same piece of paako (wood) that has been split down the middle.

Masawkatsina is an Earth god who does not go home after the Niman Ceremony (Home Dance). They can dance at any time during the year. The ceremony is much like the Niman Ceremony with the Masawkatsinmana who carries the rasp and gourd rainmakers.

Amazing set! Also, it is nice to find a "matching" set of the Masauu and Masauu Mana.

These are not for individual sale.

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