Ogre by Clifford Torivio

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This katsina doll was carved by Clifford Torivio from Songoopavi.

He is 11 inches to the top of his head and 14 inches overall. A very impressive katsina!

Tsaveyo is an Ogre katsina who also plays a significant role during the summer katsina day dances. His function is that of a disciplinarian. His actions and speech represents enforcement and the maintenance of order. He disciplines people if their conduct or behavior is not practiced according to the accepted standards. He also appears during the Powamuya with the Whipper katsinam, or during Angk’wa with the mixed katsina group. When requested, he appears on special occasions to maintain order, such as the summer katsina day dances when the clowns are being disorderly.


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