Supai by Nick Brokeshoulder

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This katsina doll is carved by Nick Brokeshoulder from Hotevilla.

This very large katsina doll is 12 inches tall to the top of the head and 15 inches tall overall. A very nice piece!

Koninkatsinam depict the Havasupai tribe, which resides at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Konin Taaha (Supai uncle) dances to the side of the Koninkatsinam are very colorful, appearing during the Angk’wa and the summer katsina day dances. Their songs are about moisture in the form of rain, with references of the mule deer bucks, the suta (red sienna), buckskins, and kwaani (dried figs) , all of which they traded with the Hopi.

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