Marao katsina (Vintage 20")

$ 0.00

Unsigned Vintage Marao katsina doll from the 60s.

He is 16 1/2" tall to the top of his head and 20" tall overall.

He does have some minor condition issues. These are slight condition issues that should not effect the value of the doll, but should be known. The wood has slightly splitted (this is from the nature of the wood, not because he has been broken) in the back. (see last pic) The split also has created a bit of a paint separation by his right shoulder. (see last pic for this too) His right side (left when looking at him) of his kilt is very slightly rubbed. His left hand fingers (our right) has been repaired.

Very bright and vivid colors!!!!!

Marawkatsina are messengers to the rain and represent moisture. They carry Hopi prayers to the rain gods and other supernatural beings. They are very proud katsinam and often dress very fancy.


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